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Maarja Mööbel LLC is a small-scale enterprise that produces furniture upon special orders. Our production is addressed to customers who value higher quality and wish to distinguish themselves from ordinary consumers, first and foremost by an attitude towards our life environment.
We produce furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms, offices as well as other places and we do this according to the customer’s wishes – on the basis of a drawing or a photo and a description. We will also construct the furniture drawings ourselves if necessary. Materials we use include natural wood (pine, birch, oak, etc) as well as PLP and MDF. We finish all our products with oil waxes based on natural oils. Shade samples on ash tree wood can be found at the side.


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In our everyday lives we come across all kinds of artificial materials more and more. Today, there are no areas of life where materials produced according to chemical or biochemical researches and discoveries are not used. Finishing materials concerning furniture industry are no exceptions. The result of all this is that our life environment is becoming more and more artificial, i.e. further from the nature. Unfortunately, we do not always see the respective dangers – a significantly increased amount of people suffering from various forms of allergies is already a problem. The list of allergens in the world already includes more than 30 000 different substances and the number is increasing. Maybe we should start considering the fact that a human being is a part of nature and thus change our habits as well as our life environment!
I would like to introduce a finishing material – oil wax – that is relatively seldom used in the furniture industry. When using lacquers, we create an artificial layer on the surface of wood. Thus, the questions arise – why use wood at all, are we really satisfied with just the knowledge that a product is made of wood? Unlike with lacquers, the wood finished with oil waxes offers an opportunity to literally physically feel that it is actually a pure and natural product!
Developing oil waxes derives from materials that have been used to finish furniture and wood for centuries – natural oils and waxes. The only difference lies in the fact that traditionally, wood was firstly treated with oils and then waxed, but due to developments in technology, a product including both components has been developed. The OSMO COLOR oil waxes we use do not contain biocides or preservatives. The dried final result is in accordance with the EURO certificate DIN 53160 (saliva and perspiration resistant) and with the EURO-NORM EN 71 (suitable for children’s toys) as well as is completely safe for people, plants and animals. The products are based on natural vegetable oils and waxes (sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil, carnauba oil and candelilla wax) as well as paraffin. Only natural colour-pigments – ferric, titanium and organic oxides – have been used to shade the oil waxes.
The surface treated with OSMO COLOR oil waxes do not crack, flake or peel. The finished surface remains enduring, resistant to water and dirt. Surfaces in rooms with high moisture content may also be treated with oil waxes. In addition to wood, it can be used to finish cork, terra cotta, stone or other non-glazed stone surfaces. The treated surface is resistant to wine, beer, cola, tea, fruit juices, milk and other liquids. Dirt can be removed without a trace and renovation, even partial, is easy – simply clean and retreat the surfaces with oil wax. There is no need to sand the surface again or to remove the old oil wax and right because of that, we have a possibility to walk on 300-year-old floors – if additional sanding or surfacing would accompany each finishing, the layer of wood would just run out in 300 years!
It may be that the products we offer are priced a bit higher because most of the work in finishing with oil waxes is done manually, but the final quality of the work compensates for all of this. We introduced finishing with oil waxes into our production when thinking about people who value the health of themselves and their loved ones as well as a natural and human-friendly life environment.

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